Tuesday, 28 September 2010

100% recycled plastic grid paving

The Hebden 40 plastic grid system is the product of choice for architects and professional groundworkers when specifying water permeable ground reinforcement.

The British made, 100% recycled plastic Hebden 40 offers superior performance to similar products imported into the UK by virtue of its unique 'honeycomb' structure, a feature that helps give the product incredible strength (the Hebden 40 is able to bear over 250 tonnes per m2).

It has been designed to accept thermal expansion without lifting at the joints, preventing earth slipping underneath the paver, a problem that is prevalent in other cellular paving products.

It also offers frost and UV resistance, and great flexibility meaning it can be laid on undulating surfaces. These features ensure a top quality finish with lasting performance.

Its modular structure means the Hebden 40 is quick and easy to install, with the pavers clipping together to provide instant, heavy duty hardstanding to any dimension. Finished with grass or gravel, the product provides an attractive result that is far more aesthetically pleasing than tarmac or block paving.

Unlike tarmac or block paving surfaces, a car park, pathway or drive created with Hebden 40 is water permeable, preventing the surface water runoff that causes flooding by allowing rainfall to filter into the ground. This makes the product perfect for SuDS strategies, and often removes the need for planning permission under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010

British Recycled Products are offering the Hebden 40 at a great price of £9.50 per m2 including delivery for all orders over 112m2 (2 pallets). Smaller quantities suitable for the domestic user are available direct from eBay

For installation advice, technical information, or for a quotation contact British Recycled Products on 01422 844716, or via email

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Using plastic grid paving

Plastic grid paving is rapidly replacing traditional methods of creating surfaces such as tarmac and asphalt. It creates hardstanding able to bear the weight of any vehicle, finished with either grass or gravel, that allows rainwater to filter back into the ground (water permeable).

While there are many similar plastic grid products on the market, the best-selling brands are made from recycled plastic, such as the Hebden 40 (pictured). The Hebden 40 is a lightweight grid system used to create pathways, car parks, vehicle access routes etc. It is made from 100% recycled plastic, diverted from landfill (UV stabilised HDPE). This means that it's as durable as it is eco-friendly.
The Hebden 40 has been utlised by the Ministry of Defence, numberous town councils and schools, landscaping and construction companys, and is increasingly specified by architects due to the water permeable nature of the product.

Flooding is a major concern, and the sheer area of impermeable surfaces across the UK exasperates flash flooding as the water cannot drain away. The flood and waste water management bill currently going through parliament will ensure any new developments have to use water permeable surfaces in order to accelerate the use of plastic grid paving, so make sure you are ahead of the game and contact supplier British Recycled Products for more information.

Creating driveways with tarmac or asphalt already requires planning permission, so one of the main markets for the product is currently domestic driveways. In addition, it is far more cost effective than creating an impermeable surface, and will last longer. Creating extra offroad parking also adds significant value to the home.

Finished with gravel

or with grass